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As a little miscreant in elementary school, Dr. Payne realized he could amuse and amaze his classmates by drawing boobs and monsters. Nearly thirty years later, Dr. Payne is still on that quest, just with slightly better artistic skills. Dealing mainly in the dark and erotic genres, Dr. Payne's artwork allows the viewer to revert back to their childhood and look at sexy or horrific (or sometimes a little of both) images with a sense of wonder and amazement. Remember your first glimpse of a Playboy? Remember your first horror movie that you watched through tense fingers? Yeah, like THAT. 

After over ten years as a heel manager in pro-wrestling, Dr. Payne got tired of having a ho-hum boring job putting on funny suits, insulting hundreds of fans every night, and getting the crap beat of him. From wrestling, he moved into t.v. show hosting, tattooing and podcast host and interviewer. Finally, around 2010 Dr. Payne decided to go back to his first love, art.

Though he had drawn, painted, sculpted or filmed something literally every day of his life, he decided it was time to TRY at his art. After taking some classes from the Joe Kubert School, he began earning money creating erotic art for adult stars like Queeny Love and Nikki Magnusson. Simultaneously, he began creating horror comics in the vein of the old EC Comics.

Dr. Payne then began photographing models in pin-up and horror themed shoots. Then, in 2011 he also began working on paintings in the dark and surreal realms.

Living in Portland, Maine for the last fifteen plus years, he is now ready to start sharing his dark, erotic, and just plain strange visions with the rest of the world.

Get ready world.


Dr. Payne's Artwork And Photography Have Been Featured In
  • Portland Phoenix
  • Jade Erotic Magazine (Twice)
  • G.A.S.P. Magazine (Three Times)
  • Tattoo Savage
  • QueenyLove.Com
  • Dirty-Art.com
  • Marrijane Magazine
  • Serial Killer Magazine
  • Nikki Magnusson (Playboy Model)