"Extreme" Adam Hastey Powerbombing Frankie "Mr. Muscles" Armadillo Through Me Through A Table.

Tribute Video Of Dr. Payne's Career From 1999-2001

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Dr. Payne is a prolific and successful manager.

Dr. Payne Is A VERY Successful Manager.

In 10 Years Dr Payne Managed 32 Wrestlers Through His HardCore Institute (HCI), Carnival Of Payne (COP), House Of Payne (HOP), and HCI Incorporated Including...

Frankie "Mr. Muscles" Armadillo

"The Shooter" Adam Booker

Chris "The Revolution" Venom


Max Bauer

"Flash" Nick McKenna

"Extremely Tasty" Adam Hastey

"Rugged" Rick Daniels

Kid Krazy

"Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino

"Mad Dog" Matt Storm


Garf Garrison

Brian Milones

Aaron Morrison

"The REAL" J.J.B.


Black Lotus

"The Canadian Heart-Throb" Jason Holiday

Gabriel "Kamakazi"

Johnny Curtis

Palmer Cannon aka Brian Black

Master Flesh

"Mourningstar" Marcus Hall


"The Enforcer" Larry Huntley

Zachary Richards "ZR Extreme"

Co-Manager Arson

Co-Manager Lovely Jenna

Co-Manager Sludge The Clown

Co-Manager Victorian

Co-Manager Mistress Vanessa (Her Ass Featured Below)


These Wrestlers Earned The HardCore Institute, Carnival Of Payne, House Of Payne, and HCI Incorporated....

4 Heavyweight Championships

5 Tag Team Championships

5 Hardcore Championships

2 Brass Knucks Championships

2 Maine state Championship

In The EWA, PWF-NE, NWA-NE, NWH/NAWA, FRW, AOM, PWA, PWF, YPW and other promotions

Being The Greatest Manager Of All Time, Dr. Payne Never Has Time For Fun.

Dr. Payne Works Hard, But He Also Plays Hard, If You Ladies Know What I Mean. Here, He Can Be Seen Sipping Back A Few With None Other Than Frankie.

Dr. Payne, And By Extension The HCI, Are Vial, Vicious Villians.

Well, All Right, You've Got Me There.

Dr. Payne Gets His Ass Handed To Him, AND Embarrassed On A Regular Basis

What?!? Screw YOU! Say That To MY Face, You Son Of A Bitch!

Photos Courtesy Of: Phillip Laine, Jen Parent, Mike Jas, Chris
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