Dr. Payne is a freelance comics artist specializing in super hero, erotic, and horror comics. He has been commissioned to create comics for the following websites, magazines, and models/actresses.

Model and Adult Actress Queeny Love

Playboy Model Nikki Magnusson


Dr. Payne is pleased to announce that his first full length comic is ready for purchase.

This comic features five short horror stories written, drawn, and painted by Dr. Payne in the tradition of great EC comics such as "Vault of Terror" and "Tales From The Crypt". Interwoven with these five ferocious fables are a collection of glamorous and gorgeous pin-ups of the narrator of "House Of Payne", Liv N. Dead. This full color 36 page fright fest is professionally printed by Comixpress and will soon be available for purchase through their site. In the mean time, I have a limited number of signed copies available for sale. Simply send me an E-MAIL as I accept payment through paypal. I will gladly personally sign any copies, and ship anywhere in the U.S. for $10 (total for comic and shipping). Keep checking back for updates on not just this comic (including motion comic versions) but for new comics appearing within the next few months.

Scroll down to see two sample pages from each of the "House Of Payne Comic" stories.

The opening story in the House Of Payne comic is a story that will keep you awake at night. Especially if you're already awakened by a strange noise at 3 a.m.

A man is startled awake by a "BUMP" and proceeds to hunt for the source of the noise. Ever notice how those little noises and shadows turn into the biggest scariest monsters when walking through a dark living room. Of course, our 24/7 fear driven media doesn't make things any easier.

But that noise had to come from SOMEWHERE, right?

(Comic contains graphic content)

An over-the-hill journeyman boxer tries to get in one more big payday by screwing over the fight promoter.

Problem is, the promoter just so happens to be Satan himself. Now, "Nuff Ced" McGreevey is in the biggest fight of his life. A fight for his very soul.

(Comic contains graphic content)

From the pages of the upcoming House Of Payne horror anthology comic, a short horror story based off of the silly movie he directed a few years ago. If desired, you can see the bad movie Here.

In this tale, a man with a fatal brain tumor is throwing a party the night before his dangerous surgery. The thing is, no one told the guests that it was a SURPRISE party.

(Comic contains graphic content)

From the pages of the upcoming House Of Payne horror anthology comic, a tale of terror co-written by Frankie Armadillo.

This nightmare takes place on a lonely desolate highway as two strangers discuss their hobbies, namely murder.

(Comic contains graphic content)

From the pages of the upcoming House Of Payne horror anthology comic, a violent offering co-written by Frankie Armadillo.

It seems that Mr. Grard has recently been let go from his job at the post office. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be taking the bad news quite as well as postal workers are known to.

Why do they call it Going Postal again?

(Comic contains graphic content)


Playboy Model and actress Nikki Magnusson found some of my artwork and asked me to create a lil' comic featuring her as an "ass-kicking sexy zombie". Trust me, Nikki is the kind of woman you want to please, if you know what I mean.

So after some discussions, the two of us came up with a short four page teaser comic featuring the beautiful and recently deceased Nikki battling a posse of starving zombies. With plenty of nudity, crass humor, and over the top gore "Nikki Magnusson: Zombie Model" certainly isn't for kids.


Below are samples of pencil, ink, and color pages from Dr. Payne. These are lo res images, high res images can be sent for portfolio review purposes.

All work property of Dr. Payne and House Of and Queeny Love where applicable.
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